This time it’s with the bike. Thankfully it’s not a big problem, but it’s an irksome one.

My fog light switch which had been flakey in the past decided that it didn’t want to work in the cold weather that we’ve been having.

Yesterday I went to visit a friend of mine who just got some brand new kittens.

I’ll grant that it really was rather cold out with the mercury hovering around 0º C / 32º F and when I hopped aboard the bike I had to brush off a bit of snow. The roads were fine however.

I noticed as I was getting close to arriving that the green LED that typically announces that the auxiliary lights are one wasn’t glowing. I tried to cycle the switch and it didn’t really do much — if I pressed harder on the “on” position it would turn on, but as soon as I took off the pressure it would just as quickly turn off.

At least the rest of the system was pretty affirmatively working.

Asking the question on I got some support that the switch might be repairable. The only problem is that to get to the switch without cutting wires I have to pull off the gas tank.


Grr… I guess I don’t need the fog lights right now. The reason I like them is that they make me more visible to oncoming traffic. Maybe I do need it?

This morning it was a little warmer and the lights were more prone to stay on. This afternoon better still.

Maybe it’ll last until the spring. ?  And if I can’t fix it a new switch is $105.00. BMW is quite fond of their switchgear it seems.

This has been a week full of things just not working right. The water heater. The house locks. The fog light switch. Just keeps going.