Ok, apparently this hasn’t been my week for things working…

Yesterday we got a new washer and dryer delivered from Best Buy. Beautiful new Samsung ones. (Of course they managed to scratch a bit of the washer’s bottom side, but you never see that)

Oh, and it’s way louder than it seems on the video. It’s hard to have a conversation in the same room with it.

Normally the washer of the combo is the loud one. The washer we got just plain rocks. The dryer, on the other hand, wants to rock… and shake… and generally sound like it’s falling to pieces.

And that’s just on the second load of laundry; the dryer started to sound louder than the 15-year-old one it replaced.

At least Best Buy has stepped up to the plate to replace it rather than repair it. If I’m paying full price for an appliance, I’m not really relishing the idea that it’s worse than a refurb one or one off Craig’s List with unknown history.