The past seven days (ok, I exaggerate, eight days) have been rough. Out of the those days I’ve had five pretty big setbacks.

  1. Hot water heater springing a leak
  2. Being kept up all night (long story I won’t get into)
  3. Broken front door lock that requires machining new parts
  4. New dryer messed up and needs to get replaced
  5. Relationship issues (not with Ennie, thankfully)

It’s hard to talk about the last one without letting out a lot. If you’ve read between the lines on the blog you probably can gather things I’m not ready to admit to directly.

If that’s not a big enough hint than I really don’t know what it. Either that or you, dear reader, are really just that dense.  ;-)

Give it a bit of time and I’ll probably be even more direct in extricating myself from that box.

Well… yeah. I’m looking forward to being able to stand up and not have to keep fighting uphill. It’s getting tiring.