I was on a call today at work and I heard the most absurd argument for something:

“It doesn’t break all the time for all users so this isn’t a blocker [to launch a product].”

Really? And this was a manager saying this on a conference call of all people on the call.

One of the Amazon Leadership Principles is “Customer Obsession.” Another is “Insist on the Highest Standards.”

When you have to start trying to justify why something is barely good enough that is, in my humble opinion, letting down both of those objectives. If anything we should be “Vocally Self Critical” and try to figure out why something is broken at all and how it got that way so close shipping with what everyone else considers a critical issue.

– = –

When I first joined Amazon I was told that people often talk about the leadership principles on a daily basis.

At first I didn’t really believe it.

Now, oddly enough, I’m doing it myself.