Our cat Jack had developed a condition where his teeth were basically dissolving. From what the vet was saying this is something that just happens to some cats and they don’t really know why.

It’s not that his teeth were dirty and getting cavities. They actually said that the plaque might have been protecting his teeth. Odd to even think that really.

Today we took him to the vet to basically remove the teeth that were basically wasting away and leaving holes in his gums.

Yes. That would be most of them. I think two are left now.  :-(

He’s had a rough life with his teeth. His jaw is a bit crooked — torqued the doc said — and his canines have always been quite wonky. He’s also had to get his baby teeth (kitten teeth?) removed because they weren’t falling out themselves and were crowding his permanent teeth (well, permanent until today).

Apparently not having teeth isn’t really a problem for most cats. They mostly swallow their food whole anyway. But I guess hard food it now just right out, eh?

Poor little kitty with no teeth.