I couple weeks back I took delivery of what seemed like a defective clothes dryer as part of a washer and dryer set. It really just sounded like someone added a few marbled into the drum and let them loose.

I called up Best Buy that night to try to resolve the issue and dutifully they created a new order for another dryer to replace the only-two-loads-old one that was messed up. The promised a delivery date of Monday the 15th (2014/12/15) (tomorrow) for the new unit.

I was expecting a call about when the dryer will be delivered and by the time three in the afternoon rolled around I thought that they may have just not called — a non-standard order like this that wasn’t placed normally may not have triggered the same set of procedures.


They just didn’t process the order.


WTF Best Buy?

So now I have another couple of days without a properly functioning dryer with a new delivery date of the 17th.