Many times I find myself in the position where something doesn’t look the way I expect things to look. I ran into something like this today — actually my co-worker ran into it today but I ran into it yesterday if I recall.

Looking through the company directory most of my team is in one department while two of the newer guys are in a different — unique to them — department. He asked if I knew why that was?

I saw that yesterday and just kind of shrugged. One of the Amazon leadership principles is “Dive Deep.” I didn’t dive deep in this case. It’s just something in some database that really doesn’t affect anything; there’s nothing operational that it would affect.

At it’s most insidious it’s something that is a portal to some secret project that’s so secret that the people on it are unaware of it. I would lump that in the “above my pay grade” category. If it’s that hush hush, I likely don’t want to know. On the other hand someone just fat-fingered (conceptually, since it’s just different words and all) the department when they were getting entered into the system upon starting at Amazon. That case is a “meh, whatever.”

Neither case would merit me asking and diving deep to figure out why.

If you questioned everything then you’d never get anywhere. If you never questioned anything you would never learn.

Not news I know… just something that struck me as an interesting idea on my ride home today.