Back a couple of weeks ago I went up with my co-worker Trenton on a flight on his (well, partly his) Cessna.

We were planning on taking off at around 3PM and flying around for a while before coming back. As we were getting the plane prepped there was a bang like someone slamming closed a hangar door.

Taxiing off the ramp to the taxiway he radioed the tower asking for clearance to taxi to the runway.

“Taxiway foxtrot is closed from foxtrot three south.”

Pretty much definitive there. The only way for us to get off the ramp we were on was onto taxiway F. No other way would work.

We were parked on the lower right corner exactly where the 342.5º arrow is pointing.

Emergency vehicles started showing up.

We took a walk around the hangar and came upon this sight:


If you take a close look you can see both wingtips of the Piper are hanging down. Looking at the hangar in front of the plane you can see some damage as well.

The pilot (who thankfully walked away from this) screwed up the landing in the crosswind and went way off course clipping his right wingtip on the hanger before (breaking the left wingtip), then pivoting off that and bouncing his right wingtip off the hangar you can see.


– = –

Trenton was saying you shouldn’t count on general aviation if you need to get somewhere for real. I have to think that even on a commercial flight if something like this happened — a crash — the airport would be closed for a spell while things were getting investigated and cleaned up.