Still on the topic of the USB charger… I ordered some samples from TI for some various components:

  • TPS2561A dual-channel current-limited switch
  • TPS2513A dual-channel dedicated USB charging port controller
  • TPD2E001 ESB protector

TI was gracious enough to ship some samples to me. (I also ordered a demo board with all these components mounted so I can conduct some experimentation)

I’m glad I ordered the demo board.

Upon looking at the chip, I’m realizing I need some new tools. I knew I needed a new soldering iron — now I know I need a microscope as well.


The dimension’s of this chip are 3.1mm square. The “pins” are on 0.5mm centers with each pin nominally 0.25mm wide (0.18mm – 0.30mm actual)

Yeah. I think I need some visual enhancement.