A few days back (not yet written about yet… a christmas present for me I suppose) I got a nice power supply. Not a computer power supply a lab/bench power supply. You can dial in (literally) a voltage or current you want and it’ll do it for you.

Yesterday I wrote about a TI power controller. Today I got a demo board of it. Thankfully, it was fully assembled since I don’t have the microscope or soldering station (or reflow [toaster] oven).

What to do with the combo of a power supply that can do data logging and a USB charger?

Log the charging characteristics of an iPad of course!

It’s still logging as I’m typing. Up to around 80% now…

But it’s an interesting look into the chemistry of lithium-ion batteries. I’ll post the plot of the graph tomorrow (or thereabouts) when it’s done.

In any case… Merry Christmas!  :-D