A month or so back I decided to go the route of a more traditional wet shaving way of removing my whiskers.

The first few shaves left me a bit worse for wear. For some reason I stuck to it over my then normal Braun electric shaving routine.

I woke up this morning with my regular growth of stubble.

Let me take a step back for a moment. I don’t mind men with facial hair. I just can’t deal with it on me though. I guess it’s a quirk of mine. I don’t like things on my skin and a beard, to my mind at least, falls into that category.

Over the past month I can honestly say I’ve grown to like shaving.

As a male [who shaves] I started shaving when I was perhaps 16. I didn’t write down the date so I don’t know for certain. I started shaving with a Bic or something like that. I got a shoebox of stuff — including a razor — when I got to college at OSU. I even got the weird gel shaving cream of the time (1994 or so). My skin was not happy.

When I got back to Cleveland after dropping out of college and started dating Ennie she suggested an electric razor. I started with a Norelco. It worked. Over the years I went through another Norelco and a few Braun razors. They worked and my skin wasn’t too upset by them.

When I started with shaving with a double-edge razor I’ve found that my skin is even happier than with an electric razor.

It’s a journey I’m enjoying. I don’t really know why though.