Sometimes a picture winds up looking so good (to me at least) that it’s worth just letting it sit by itself.

I liked what I saw in the viewfinder. I liked the end result even more. I didn’t futz with it a lot. I dropped the exposure of the sky by around 1/4 stop and fixed the white balance, but that’s the extent to which I modified what I got from the camera.

I love the colors — or rather the lack of color for the most part. It captures today at the beach. Just when you think I turned the contrast down or are just looking at lens flare you realize the blacks are still black. When you think I sepia-toned the whole thing the bits of color jump out.

The weather couldn’t decide if it was going to be sunny, gloomy, rainy, or hail-y. Each happened in turn.

I like it.  :-)