(As I named this post I realized this is the fifth post with that title so far… I guess there’s a trend.)

Today I had a good day at work. I worked out beforehand. I gave blood. I solved problems, both my own and helping out other folks. Not frustrating.

I get home and I run out to Fry’s to grab some components and connectors. I lacked a BNC patch cable and I wanted a few odds and ends. No problems there either. Other than the chilly ride it was completely uneventful.

I get home and plug the scope’s input into it’s function generator output on the back with my new BNC patch cable. I futz around and try stuff out… then I notice a problem.

If you look close you can see that the setup for the AFG (Arbitrary Function Generator) is a 100 kHz sine at 100mVpp. (0.1 Volts peak to peak — or 0.05 V plus and minus)

If you look at the actual that’s on the scope you’ll see about 5 Vpp (2.5V +/-) if you look at the 2V/division graticule. I added a peak-to-peak measure that’s showing 2.66Vpp reading. I cross-checked this with a multimeter that has the bandwidth and it too agrees with the reading.

So I go to look over at my computer that’s to the right of me and it’s tilted way forward to where I can’t use it. I try to move it back up to where it should be and it quickly snaps back to where it’s unusable. I Google around and this seems to be a common-ish problem.

There’s nothing quite like problems on top of problems to rile you up.


All under warrantee, but it’s a fucking hassle.