I’ve mentioned a few times in the past month that I’ve been working on losing some weight.

Back a year ago I was complaining about my fat pants were getting tight. I got those back in December of 2013. I lived with the tight pants over the summer with my weight varying a bit up and down.

Lots of words and good intentions over the past couple of years.  :-/

I’ve had some bumps since I started. I guess a lot of why I started was because I suppose I was sensing those upcoming bumps. A long story… self confidence was getting a goodly beating with a relationship that was ending at the time. The resolve came from needing to throw my efforts into something to help improve myself.

The thing from looking at that graph is how punctuated it is. The same weight — the plateau — followed by a big drop. Happens over and over. Even before this graph I noticed that this is how I seemed to lose weight.

I happened onto a thread on Reddit (updated with link to thread) with someone asking why after they ate like crap during the super bowl they managed to drop a ton of weight the next day. I didn’t ask the question, but someone else had the same quandary. Yes, I ate like shit at the super bowl party and was even worse after it.

Then I lost 2 1/2 pounds.

The next day (today) I lost another 1 1/2.

I weigh myself the same time each day after I get out of the shower. Same conditions.

The thread on Reddit was talking about the “whoosh.” Fat cells replace fat with water and just hold onto it for a while. Then something (like being a pig, or stopping exercising for a few days, or just plain randomness), the theory goes, they decide to just flush it all out.

Is it real? Is the science behind it sound?

Regardless what the science is saying, it’s hard to argue with the scale in this case. Something has made me lose 6.2 pounds (!!!!) in four days.

Has anyone else heard of this? Do you know of a better reason for this type of reaction from my body?