Stuff. I has it.

One of the things that I have going on in my life — my head really — is the inability to get rid of things that might be useful in the future. (Unlike the video I don’t have a stock of beautiful women at my beck and call [ahh… poly at its finest, eh? {I keed, I keed}]… or a tiny giraffe.)

You know… spares or backup.

I have a stock of various things in the basement and in my office. Ennie makes sure the back-stock doesn’t leak too far into the main living area.

One of the things I put back into stock is stuff I’ve upgraded. I have old computer parts… I have motorcycle parts, both new and used that are either the original parts or replacements that have yet to see service. I have electronics parts and components. Construction. You name it I likely have it or something that might be able to play its role.

A friend of mine, Red, had a bluetooth helmet headset die… die in a far off land 12-1/2 time zones away. I had upgraded my headset last summer and dutifully kept the old parts ready to go. You know, “just in case.” Sitting on the shelf waiting for their next shot at glory.

The next shot seems now.  :-)

It’s so much better to have things life their life as it was intended rather than slowly fading away on a shelf waiting for terminal obsolescence.

It also feels good helping a friend out.

Maybe the old computer parts will come in handy some day too. Or maybe not. They can only dream.