Going through records is such a painful process. Proving to the insurance company that you own the stuff that was taken from you.

Thankfully much of the stuff taken was purchased online. Those that weren’t online were mainly acquired from one of two stores: REI and Appalachian Outfitters. Both of these fine establishments are camping and outdoors stores.

So far I was able to walk into REI (who’s global flagship store is within walking distance of my office) and get a printout of all of the purchases I’ve made there since we’ve moved here to Seattle. Ennie’s going to do that soon too.

I’m just hoping that Appalachian Outfitters can offer the same thing. I know we gave our name and address with every in-person purchase there. I’m just crossing my fingers that they haven’t scrubbed their database.

Still, I’m thinking of all the memories that went with all the camping gear… like our flask.

That red flask (next to the green water bottle) has more miles on it than most anything else we own. Well, used to.

It’s been to Alaska. It’s been to Labrador. It’s been to the Smokey Mountains (the above trip). It’s been to the Olympic Peninsula and Mount Rainier. It’s been with me down on the summer trip I took.

It’s been beat up.

But it’s a fighter.

It was barely broken in.

The fuckers took it all.