When we moved from Rufus to Coral I was really worried about motorcycle parking.

The problem that I was worried about was the fact that went out in the email that there were 11 motorcycle parking spots — and this was an improvement over the 9 from before.

Parking at the Rufus/Obidos parking garage was easy — and there was a lot of motorcycles as well. 11 spots just would not cut it.

Hesitantly I went in a couple of weeks ago and found a spot. But it was a cold rainy day that day. I was looking around and saw a couple of interesting things… like some big spots.

I started to park the the way I wanted others to park. Modeling the behavior I want to see.

…and it worked…  :-D

Today there was four bikes (mine included) parked in one parking spot. And it looks like there might even be room for a fifth.

A similar spot exists one floor below (though not marked for motorcycles… I think it’s just a miss).