While taking a shower this morning I had a realization on why I’m stewing so much about the robbery that happened a week ago today.

It’s not really the fact that these utter pieces of shit took stuff. It’s that they are stupid and worthless excuses for human beings.

No, stay with me here…

If, for instance, you steal food from the grocery store to feed yourself or your family, you at least get something for the risk that you are taking. The grocery store is out the bread, but you are alive to live another day. Similarly, and I’m sure I’ll get some flak for this, if you steal intellectual property, the wronged party didn’t get money, but they were otherwise not diminished for the offense. Hell, if these scum steal some gold, they can at least cash that in for currency to do something with.

In either of the above cases it’s close to a zero-sum gain. One party gets something, and the other party loses. It sucks to be on the losing side for sure, but at least you can look at it and squint your eyes and say that society is kind of at the same level.

In our case they stole things that I’m quite certain are mainly in a dumpster.

The radio for instance. It’s an amateur radio that requires a bit of skill to operate. It’s also rather scarce and has a prominent serial number. The chances of doing anything with that is essentially zero. I’m out a radio and the shits don’t have anything to show for their risk. Dumpster.

(Ok, I suppose they could study and pass the FCC licensing class, but monkeys would likely fly out of my butt than that happening)

Same with the camping gear… It’s worth something to us because of the time and thought that went into it. It’s far more than the cost of the materials that was stolen. But even then, it’s camping gear. Mostly used camping gear. And what, put it on Craigslist to lead the police to you? (Yes, some is rather identifiable) Dumpster.

Commodore 1541 drive? Seriously? Dumpster.

So what to make of it?

That these criminals are worse than just the run-of-the-mill assholes. No these are worthless creatures that do nothing but make society less for their very existence.

I would gladly pay to charter a flight over the ocean so they would have the chance to willingly walk out the door to make the world a better place. (Note, I’m not pushing, I’m helping them help themselves.) Both them and the rest of the world would improve.