So, a couple of weeks ago our storage unit was broken into and nearly $4000 of stuff was either taken or destroyed.

Today, Ennie gets an email from them with a “It looks like your lock has been tampered with, come in and take a look.”

Umm… this is a fucking “secure” location, right?

Well, as it turns out, no it’s not.

If you ever want to get robbed, and not have the owners give a shit about it, feel free to go and rent some space at the Public Storage facility on Aurora Ave. North, right next to the Home Depot. Get your storage unit broken into and/or tampered with twice in less than two weeks. This is a fucking shit show. (Well, you can sometimes find that in the elevator too)


Oh, and if you want a place to live, I hear they rent out for that too.

We took everything else that has real value out of there, but we haven’t gotten everything out yet. You know, lightning not striking twice or some shit like that.


I call bullshit on this whole operation since it smells of an inside job.