Last night we got an email from Public Storage that I talked about yesterday.

Today we decided to interrupt our lives and work to go in at 9:30 when they open to figure out what the hell happened.

We got there and met Cliff, the manager on duty as he opened and he was rather confused. There was no note on our account. In fact he was the employee that called Ennie the day of the break-in two weeks ago.

So, one of two things happened to get to this point with this email:

  1. Their email system is so fucked up that it takes two weeks (almost) to send an email after someone’s unit gets broken into.
  2. Their management system that sends out emails has been compromised or hacked in some way.

Honestly, I’m not sure which shows a greater level of incompetence.

But it goes along with the rest of the general blasé attitude of the people that work there and the lax level of security.

Yes, we’re moving out this weekend.