A while ago, when I was young, I liked to accrue access. This was back in the Insurance.com days.

I was one of the old timers.

My badge opened every door. I had most of the root passwords. I could do anything — because people trusted me to not do things that are bad.

Sometimes that was a good thing. When there was a smoldering monitor I was the one tasked with letting the fire department in after the rest of the building was evacuated. (With Ennie locked out of the car outside the building. In the rain.)

The bad never happened.

If something bad did happen, well, the people with access would be on the short list of folks to question.

Take Amazon for instance. I’m guessing that even though Jeff B. owns Amazon, his badge wouldn’t get him access to the servers that run the joint. And that’s a good thing. Of course I’m sure he wouldn’t screw things up, but he doesn’t need access to do his job.

The same principle of minimum access applies to everyone.