It often comes down to picking between the already crowned winner in a situation or going with the underdog. It seems almost like human nature to try to pick the underdog. I don’t honestly know why, but there seems to be a tendency to do that.

I did that when I picked up the Garmin Virb cameras to document trips.

Is it a good camera? Sure. Is it awesome? Well, it’s OK. (It is awesome in certain cases like flying for instance since it has a 3D GPS that tags the video)

The problem is that you don’t have any third-party support.

If you want something that’s compatible with a Garmin Virb you have to go to Garmin.

Besides them it’s no one.

Then you have something like a GoPro. Is it awesome? Well, it’s a good camera. In some ways it’s worse than the Garmin; for instance it’s really boxy compared to something that’s a lot more sleek. In some ways it certainly is better — higher res recording and all sorts of fun like that. What it gives up in terms of features, however, it makes up for in support from the market.

It’s the same in many ways to the phone market. You can buy an iPhone and have an endless supply of accessories that everyone else makes for it. If you buy something that’s not in the top three or four you’ll be left with a dearth of support from everyone else. You’ll be beholden to your one supplier.

So, what to do…

Well, switch. As painful as that might be, it’s something that will do me well in the future.

The last straw was browsing by REI’s display of cameras and whatnot and seeing the Virb on close-out.

Why bother trying to go down with the ship just to prove you were right — even if you’re not.

Lesson learned. Again.