Not music videos.

I have a want to make some videos. Videos of travel. The problem with videos or whatnot — especially if it’s filmed on the back of a motorcycle — is that it’s not a very good source of an audio track. What you need is music.

If you look at and listen to almost any film behind the scenes is music. It’s the character of a film you can’t see, but you experience it just the same.

That’s where I’m running into a problem.

Let’s say I make something and use some music in it.

Most any content server, like YouTube for instance, is going to kill it for using copy written music. And it is. So I’m stuck with using royalty free — and life free for the most part — background. I’m not making money off any of this. In fact this is a money sink if anything so it’s not like I would have something that I’m really taking from someone.

Moreover, I would gladly pay the artist for a non-commercial license to their music. Again, more of a money pit, but I’m OK with that idea for some unknown reason. I would more than gladly credit the artists on top of that.

But I’m at a loss to even know who to contact for permission to use or license for these pissant projects of mine. I don’t have a legal or licensing department. I have me.

Does anyone have any ideas?