In the quest to thin the moto-camping gear to, quite literally, lighten the load I picked up another gadget.

I was thinking that I was carrying around both a smaller (~ 0.6l) filled with white gas and a bigger one (~ 1.0l) filled with gasoline. I decided to ditch the white gas and run everything (including the bike) off the gasoline.

The stove can run off unleaded gas, though they don’t advise it… I tried it and it worked great. The real downside is that gas smells. I don’t much want to put a bottle of gas in the pannier since it’ll stink up the joint.

So I ordered up a Wolfman Wolf Bottle Holster from Amazon.

Then I get the shipping notification from Rocky Mountain ATV…

Ummm… can you spot the difference?

I had ordered from them before. Back in 2008 or 2009 or so. Somehow the old address leaked from the old order to the new one. This was three work addresses ago.

Which doesn’t help me any since I’m no longer in Cleveland.

I called them up and they were at first trying to blame me. Then I pointed out that the Amazon order is fine. They said they’ll try to dig it out of the truck before it goes out. I still haven’t heard back from them since called them and emailed them a few times. It’s still shown as shipped…

Kind of disappointed with them at the moment.