Many of you I’m sure have heard of Lynda — they make educational videos on all sorts of things. They specialize in a lot of the creative fields so you can find things like training on Adobe products, film making, programming, the works.

They typically have a monthly (or annual I suppose) charge.

I found out a few weeks ago about a connection they have started with the Seattle Public Library.

If you have a library card here in Seattle (which is stupid easy to get), you can access all of the Lynda videos for free!


This is such the win for me! I’ve been tinkering with Adobe Premier for a while now… and hey look, they have a course on that!

For free — for me! (and everyone who lives or works in Seattle or parts of King County)

So, if you have a Seattle Library card, just go over to using this link and start learning! (No, not a magic link that’s all hacky, it’s just an organizational login for

(edit: forgot the link for logins)