Last summer I swapped the brake rotors on my bike. That was around 6,000 miles ago.

Then today I hear some grinding when I’m braking.

For a bit.

Then I check the pads.

What pads. Just the backing plates trying to weld themselves onto the rotor. Trying to mess them up real bad.



Thankfully I have another set of pads (with actual meat on the bones) in stock. (Actually, I think I have two sets and a half-used one… but that’s just how I roll.)

I installed the new pads with a headlamp and the bike sitting in the street parked. But I was able to pull it off in just a few minutes.

A quick test ride showed a real improvement… but still around half the rotor face is pretty gnarly looking.  :-/

I’m hoping a few hundred miles will machine things flat again.

I hope.