I was reading an article a while back from Ars Technica. Elon Musk was saying that he’s figuring that non-self-driving cars might be banned one day.

That’s a scary thought for me.

Ok, so I think the majority of Seattle’s drivers are bad. (Of course I think that I’m well above average… but regardless)

That said, I’m still trying to figure out how the self driving cars will deal with all of the exceptional conditions that exist in the world. In this case I’m talking about real exceptions. Like what about a cement truck that has to go the wrong way on a one-way road to get to where they’re going.

What about all the remote areas in the world?

Oh, you’re not authorized to drive there because the computers don’t know about it.

What about things like the old haul road? What of the roads that try to kill you — that you don’t let kill you?

What about motorcycles?

What of the classic cars?

What of the horse and buggy?

What of bicycles?

What of everything that isn’t a self-driving car?

It’s easy to cry “think of the children” in the face of death. It’s another to think of the children — and think of the freedoms of theirs that you are so easily giving away.