I started to enumerate the various mounting positions for the GoPros that I have. This is all for the summer trip mainly, but it’s something I’d like to have a handle on.

Basically, I’m looking to have a better idea of what type of shots I’ll have in various places on the bike, along with what I might be able to do with them.

So far I’ve come up with these as the likely mounting locations:

  • Helmet – top
  • Helmet – side
  • Beak (the front of the bike)
  • Handlebars aimed at me
  • Left crash bar
  • Right crash bar
  • Left pannier aimed front
  • Left pannier aimed out
  • Left pannier aimed in/under
  • Right pannier aimed front
  • Right pannier aimed out
  • Right pannier aimed in/under
  • Tail aimed back
  • Pannier cross-brace aimed back
  • Pannier cross-brace aimed front towards tire/suspension
  • Selfie stick (passenger holding)

So, I have a variety of shots I can get. Next, the GoPro allows three different fields of view depending on the resolution and frames/second.

GoPro Hero4 Black possible resolution, speed, field of view combinations


(Above data based on GoPro Hero4 Black firmware 2.0.0)

So I’ll have to look at various fields of view in each of these locations to see what I like best.

On top of all that I have to figure out how much footage I can store on a 64GB card in the various modes.

So many questions… so many decisions.

Since I have two GoPros I can test out a couple configurations each trip — mostly back and forth to work — and start collating the results.

Similarly, I have to figure out the battery life in each of these modes (both with and without a battery pack) to see what I can do in terms of time lapse videos.

Su much data… so fun.  :-)