I’ve been fighting the fence for a while now. Just the posts really; the rest of the fence is fine.

So we took off the post toppers and I made new ones — no I didn’t make new finials, we’ll buy those.

Here’s the thing. When we took off the tops of the posts they came off way too easily. We realized that the wood was just not there any more. The edges of the posts were mostly fine, but the inside of half of them was soft and rotten.

First we treated the wood to kill off anything that might be in there. Then we applied a shit-ton of sealer.

Finally, we applied wood filler. Not just the type that goes on like paste. Nope.

This was epoxy.

It was labeled Minwax, but in reality it’s really Bondo from 3M.

And what is Bondo if not just plain epoxy.

No more holes. No more soft spots.

There. I fixed it.

Water isn’t going to get through that.

If it does it’ll hit the sealant.

If it gets through that it’ll get the chemicals that kill stuff.

If it gets through that it’ll have the pressure-treated wood.

I think we have  a few more years of this now.  :-D