I purchased the Saleae Logic Pro 16 back last year Actually I pre-ordered it and it arrived in late summer of last year.

Now I’m really rather pleased with it.  :-D

There’s something cool about being able to look at not just a tiny sliver of time that you get with a standard oscilloscope, but have many seconds worth of capture.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.07.41 PM-X3.png

That up there is 45 seconds with the digital recorded at 100MHz. I recorded the analog at 5k since it’s not super critical.

So I can look at that or zoom in a just a slice:

The amount of cool this is amazing. And it’s not too expensive either

If you want do download their viewer I’m pretty sure you can load up by trace to look at it. Obviously you can’t capture anything without their hardware.

Take a look here: 16-port(ish) Trace. You’ll need to get the software to look at it which you can get from Saleae.