More pics from this later… but I finally decided to jump aboard the real knife sharpening thing.

We have (and have used — unfortunately I suppose) the top-rated electric knife sharpener from Cooks Illustrated, the Chef’s Choice. It’s an older model but it looks kind of like:

It works… but let me tell you that it took a goodly while to reprofile the blade back to 15-degrees before I put on a 20-degree micro-bevel.

I ordered up an Edge Pro and it came in today. Like I said… more pictures later, but I managed to work up to the 1000-grit stone on both the primary and secondary bevels and it looks and performs amazing.

Why didn’t I do this before?



So we tried out the big chef’s knife on a kiwifruit. It cut like butter. Then we tried to make serve it up with a paring knife. Ugh. The big rather cheap steel knife was way better.

Then I did the paring knife.

Now it’s scary sharp.