We had to get new gear for camping since much of what we had was stolen over the winter. We know that the things we had worked well, but we had to replace a bunch of it.

This weekend we’re doing a quick getaway to Moran State Park up in Orcas Island to make sure that the new hear performs to expectations. There shouldn’t be anything major that goes on, but with any set of new stuff you want to make sure that things work. Not just new stuff, but new processes running the stove on gasoline instead of naphtha. We managed to pack way smaller this time than previous outings so we’re testing that as much as the gear.

The only real roadblock to the thing was Ennie getting some hideous disease (ok, a chest cold) that she may or may not have given to me. I started feeling something last night at the game right before the fireworks, but we pressed on. Sitting here on the ferry I think I’m feeling pretty well; better than last night anyway.

But camping is fun regardless. As long as I don’t get that sick.