The Freedom Act — thankfully — has not been passed.

I love the way they name bills. The Patriot Act would have had the patriots that founded the country rolling in their graves. The “Freedom Act” is all about taking away freedoms.

It’s like the old saw goes about absolute power. Once you have some power or authority you never want to give it up for your own use.

The problem of course is that there needs to be a delicate balance between those in power and the rest of us. And by “delicate” I don’t mean the ones in power have the right to effectively be the thought police.

Not just that but didn’t the FBI just recently admit that the provisions of the Patriot Act that are expiring didn’t help solve any crimes of terror?


If anyone is committing a terror crime its the government by trying to keep the populace terrified. Yes, sometimes bad things happen. But on balance, we’re safer now than we have been basically forever.