Ok… so I guess that the notion of “being legal” is synonymous with the age of majority. This winds up being 18 in the US.

You can do damn near anything when you turn 18. You can get married. You can join the armed forces. You can buy most guns. You can buy cigarettes.

But you can’t legally get drunk. That has to wait until you’ve aged another three years.

21 – the age you can legally do anything you can legally do besides run for certain offices.

Today my legal is legal.

My drunk can get drunk.

Just last week I got carded. I have to credit my genes for continuing to look young.

I’ll take it.

Today I turned 42.

42 – the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Or perhaps 7 * 6. Ask the phone sanitizers.

Time is a strange thing. I think we can agree to that.