I had a discussion with folks at work about sports that you can get into later and still be good at. The talk started with tennis — something about me playing at the French Open. (??) How that came up at work I’m not sure if I can actually explain.

This, of course, is absurd. I would’ve had to have been at my peak form 10 years ago. Without a time machine I think I missed that boat. (Not to mention that, well, I’m not really gifted at sports like that to begin with)

So, what sports can you conceivably enter and get awesome at if you start later in life? (No, this isn’t a personal question, more of a “hmm, this is an interesting thing to talk about” question)

The only thing I really was able to come up with are things in the marksmanship area of the spectrum: pistols, rifles, and archery. I think I’d even pull shotguns off the table since it’s way more of a twitch sport than you would expect if you’ve never tried it out.

Even things like racing cars is more than a long shot. Again, its way more physical than most people give it credit. Yes, the car’s doing most of the heavy lifting, but you don’t see too many old guys driving at the upper echelons either. Maybe endurance racing… Le Mans if you have the capital to invest in a team perhaps.

The options are quite limited I think.

What do you think?