If you’ve worked in a modern software shop you’ve probably had the concept of a “stand up” drilled into you.

In case you haven’t… first off, the name. You stand so you don’t spend all day in the meeting. If you’re standing you have incentive to sit back down (so the saying goes) (half my team has standing desks, so there is that.) The intent is that you say what you did yesterday, what you’ll do today, and what, if anything, is blocking your progress.

The problem arises when you have someone going through every email they’ve sent.

Yesterday we started a new regime: a 60 second timer.

I like it.

To the point. No jibber-jabber.



We had push-back. “Oh, 90 seconds would be better.” I countered that 45 would be better still.

And so it went.

People no longer are talking about every time they farted and what it smelled like.

And life was a bit better.