Today was Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting and like clockwork the protesters were out.

The crux was that:

  • Amazon should pay their employees more
  • Amazon should pay their employees less
  • Amazon should make more jobs
  • Amazon should have fewer jobs
  • Amazon should be responsible for everything that third-party sellers are selling (and you aren’t being forced to buy)

So, apparently having warehouse jobs is bad. Because it’s annoying or hard.

At the same time the software engineers are being paid well enough that it’s making developers build expensive apartments.

So you shouldn’t have high paying jobs because it’s bad for the city. But you should have… well, what should you have?!

And also, Amazon sells Foie Gras on behalf of other merchants. And, well, people I suppose buy it.


Whatever you’re doing, I have a job. I’m happy with my job. You don’t have to try to defend my rights from The Man. Would you rather have me not work at Amazon if you have your way? Then what would I do? Oh, that’s right, get another job that’s similar.

So, I have I job I’m content with. Please don’t try to speak for all Amazon employees. Please don’t chase my job away.

If you’re so unhappy that you want to protest, find another fucking job.