Ikea has made a reputation on crappy instructions. I had been aware of this, but thankfully wasn’t really bitten by it.

Until now.

Last weekend we got some blinds to install in my office. In the mornings, especially in the summer, I can’t work in my office since the summer sun is shining directly into my eyeballs. Like lasers. Except not collimated. And not a single wavelength. But otherwise exactly like a laser.

So we got the Tuppler blinds and I cut them according to the instructions.

Excepting the fact that the instructions are wrong.  :-/

For one, the instructions are kind of out of order. But that’s the easy part. No. On step 7. (no, the second step seven according to the linked instructions) it says to cut by 1-1/4″. (The paper I had was 1.2″). Except that doesn’t work out. I cut just so… but there was another 3/4″ or so that I had to go further.

Lots of running up and down the stairs. Lots of cutting and sawing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these aren’t just returned as broken.

Or maybe just stupid.