I went downstairs this morning to get a workout in before the start of the day. Other than a brief break this has been a pretty normal routine for me.

The TV I have is a Vizio “Smart” TV.

The problem (which I no longer can reproduce, more on that later) was that the stupid bar you can see on the bottom of the screen kept on popping up. It was caught in a loop of “Updating” (with a spinner on the bottom left), bringing up the bar, then canceling the bar.

Over and over and over again.

This was even worse than that though.

As I was navigating the menu to try to turn the “smart” off the bar would come up and cancel the menu. I had something like two seconds to navigate the menus before I was kicked out.

Power cycling didn’t fix it.

Rebooting the computer (thinking it might be input related) didn’t fix it.

Unplugging it didn’t fix it.

Eventually I was quick enough to get to the factory reset — which finally ended the damn loop.


What I want isn’t a TV. What I want is a TV-sized display panel. Most of the time it’s just fine being a TV… but sometimes the “smart” is just about the dumbest thing you can add to a perfectly good display panel.