So here I was riding back to work after running some errands over lunch. I went up to BestRest Products to get another set of oil jugs. A couple of them were stolen out of the storage locker back in February. I also added on some right-angle fittings to my air compressor, but that’s another story.

I was driving south on I-5 in the car pool lane. Motorcycles can use that lane even when you don’t have a passenger. It was right around Lynnwood when a car to the right of me decides to change lanes. When I’m beside him.

I felt a bit of a shove to the left as the car nudged me over from the right tapping my pannier.

Umm… That’s not cool.

We both pulled over to the half-width shoulder. (not very safe, but getting to the other shoulder on the right would have been worse)

I saw his driver-side mirror dangling by wires as he got out of the Honda Accord.

I got off the bike and looked at my mount to see what happened.

Nothing. Maybe a bit of dirt and dust was disturbed. If you squint just right you might be able to see a slight scuff on the leading edge of the pannier. I’m not sure. I know I put bigger scuff on it myself strapping crap down onto it.

At first he was a bit combative. “Do you have insurance?” he asked.

I told him I did.

He looked back at his car and tried to pop the mirror back on.

“I was just in the left lane and you merged into me” I calmly told him.

“My car is fucked and your bike is just fine!” he scowled.

“Sorry, but I can’t help that you swerved over into the car pool lane.”

It was at that moment that he decided that it was a good time to call off the dogs. He didn’t have a passenger and he just hit a motorcycle on the highway.

“Just go.”

And so it went.

And he went.

And I went. And went back to meetings.

– = –

People, be careful. “Sorry, I didn’t see you” is a good way of killing a motorcyclist. Keep that in mind.