Will it ever stop? Well, it should once I get a board made I suppose. Even then it’s possible that it’ll it change again.

The latest change is a move from the TI MSP430 microcontroller which is intended for a very low power application (the sleep states are speced in nano-Watts!) to the Cypress CY8C52LP family (or, more broadly the PSoC5LP family).

The advantage of this over the TI part is that it has a more configurable front-end to allow for more flexibility in the design and layout side of things. While it chews up more power (by a little bit) it brings a lot of configurability in terms of how the IO is used since each pin goes not to a single function, but rather to a bus that can be used anywhere on the chip. Another plus is that is has a built in PLD (programmable logic device) that can manage a bunch of the front-end work.

Another benefit is I can build in a USB port. What I’ll do with that isn’t yet know, but it’s something that I can leverage in the future.

The design and redesign rollercoaster continues…