My old set of tires on the bike still had a little bit of life left in them, but not enough for the trip in a couple of weeks. Looking closer I could definitely see a lot of degradation and even a bit of cracking as well.

The old set of tires were acquired back in 2010 if memory serves and mounted last summer before last summer’s trip.

For the new set I decided to switch things up a bit. The old tires were the tried and true Tourance tires from Metzeler, a 90/10 road/dirt tire. The new set I went with the Continental TKC-70s which are a 80/20 tire.

The tire swap, from end to end was only around two hours or so with only perhaps an hour of bitching thrown in. (I’m not counting time to eat dinner)

They feel fine, though different from the old shoes. The turn-in is noticeably quicker. It also tends to catch pavement grooves a bit more than the old set.

Not worse. Not better. Just different.

I’m sure I’ll have a stronger opinion of them in a month or so after the trip.