Some of you from the old days might remember seeing something like this:

This was, if I recall correctly, one of the production database servers. Well, the motherboard at least.

The server was stupid expensive. Back in 2001. It was loaded with 4GB of RAM and had 4 processors.

Of course now my laptop can run circles around it; it’s not worth plugging in.

When ICom went away there was a give-away of the old crap that didn’t have any value any more. I got a server. I took it apart and saved the boards for some reason I wasn’t quite sure of.

I moved with that board (and the processors, and the stupid-expensive memory).

– = –

Over the weekend I was looking to source a few N-channel power MOSFETs.

They’re cheap, no doubt. But the shipping costs as much as the devices. Not only that but I can’t seem to source non-audio power MOSFETs locally either so I guess I’m between a rock and a hard place.

– = –

Then I thought of the hot-air rework station.


After 20 minutes of work I got the MOSFETs I needed, and then some!

They’re not what I would use on the charger, but they are plenty good enough to unblock my experimentation!

I got a nice FPGA, some memory, some precision 0R01Ω resistors, bunches of capacitors and inductors, some 74-series logic…

All sorts of goodies!  :-D

Sometimes, well, maybe, it pays to horde stuff like this…  :-P  I’ll just keep telling myself I might need a MOSFET or something.