We had the bike loaded up, like the previous post showed. It was awesome. Spectacular. All sorts of superlatives can be said.

Then I went to adjust the preload to account for the added weight from the gear and Ennie.

It didn’t work.

At all.

It was a dark place at 10 in the morning when we were about to head out.
I tried all sorts of things to get things working, and nothing worked.

I got to the Öhlins setup procedure and that got the preload adjustment working — but I still didn’t have control of the settings. But it at least ruled out anything downstream from that. It had to be something between the handlebar button and the Öhlins control unit.

It turns out that when I was servicing the bike I must have reset some setting that caused the bike computer to forget that it had the ESA feature, the thing that allows me to change the preload, among other things.

So, how to fix it?

I tried various things on the GS-911 that I used to service the bike to no avail. Then I realized that I just had to make the computer think the original shocks were still installed.

That entailed pulling the gas tank to get at some plugs… but with Ennie holding the front shock above the (now ddetached) gas tank and the rear shock resting inertly on the back of the bike I was able to recalibrate the shocks to the point that the bike thought that once again it had the ESA feature and it was working.

  • = –

We were on the road at 2 instead of 10.

I’m writing this from Canada.

We didn’t get as far as we wanted, but damn it, we made it to Canada!