Yesterday was by far the easiest day of the trip so far. We left the hotel just about when I wanted to: 10:10 after a nice breakfast.

From there it was an easy jaunt east on the Yellowhead Highway until we got to the way less traveled Bighorn Highway.

The only bump is the road was when we were on the Yellowhead — the bump was very nearly a tourist as they decided to dart across the highway (speed limit is 100 kph in case you’re wondering). It was the same type of asinine behaviour we were seeing in Yellowstone: whenever there is wildlife the immediate course of action is to stop in the highway, abandon your vehicle, and proceed to try to get as close to the poor creatures as possible with your cheap camera.


Yes, it was some variety of caribou or something. I have video of it that I can pull up (both of the wildlife and the stupidity of the woman as she ran into traffic)

But here in Grande Prairie it’s pretty chill. We’re in an RV campground that also has a tent area. Nice green grass. Quiet.

We even have wifi if we hike up to the “chalet” (big red barn).  :-)