Today was another easy day… only around four hours or so on the road.

We woke up to a beautiful morning at he RV park in Grande Prairie. When I say RV park I’m sure you’re thinking of one of those god forsaken gravel lots with every square inch of space being parked up by an RV. Yes, they have that there too… we were in a nice grassy field surrounded by trees. We paid half of what the RVs paid and we had ambiance. I think we won that equation.

We each had an apple we took the previous day from Jasper’s Best Western as we checked out. We had packed up the site just as we felt the first drops of rain.

From there it was a simple jaunt to Dawson Creek — the start of the Alaska Canada Highway.

The Alcan.

We stopped at Stewie’s Diner (I think) and parked next to another GS — two years newer though. We struck up a conversation with Rich, who’s on his second career as a world traveler. Another thing to aspire to I suppose.

We traded stories over lunch… it’s an amazing brotherhood of people who are riding their beasts long distances. You get some war stories, but that’s later.

The appropriate photo of the bike in front of the cerimonial Alcan Mile-0 complete we continued on.

It was a mostly uneventful ride northwest with a few drops of rain; we were being chased by impending rain the entire way. A few miles before we got to our destination we had a goodly dump, but that cleared up.

We rolled into our new RV park (again, way more grass than the real RV locations) with a sprinkle going. We made dinner of some blacck beans and rice from our pantry (AKA right pannier) and had some BC wine we picked up on the way. As we completed that the rain grew heavier so we ate in the tent with the drops of rain noisily bouncing off the thin covering over our heads.

Oh, but we have wifi.  :-P