An average-sized day on th road yesterday. We left from Liard Hotsprings having packed up the tent in a hurry as it started to rain on us. The first part of the drive was wet. Really wet. Our gear held up though.

As we went further north on the Alcan we encountered a herd of buffalo that was camped out on the road. We almost got some good pictures of it but was they were interposed by a fellow taking pictures with his iPad. 😐

We did have a tiff on the road though… Nothing that I’ll get into here, but it led to it being a bit of a downer mid-ride. I guess it’s something that some communication can likely iron out.

Heading south in the Cassair was stunning. We went from a major (if small) highway, the Alcan, to a road way fewer people take. Add some twisties to it and you have a good ride. 😀 At the north end we passed the remnants of the 2010 wildfire that passed through the the area. Creepy.

Eventually we got to our destination for the day: Dease Lake. We picked up some grub from the full grocery store and headed to yet another RV campground. Unlike the provincial park, this is on the lake. Way better. It has the same janky that other campsites around here have… Kind of working. Mostly.

But at least it’s dry now!