Today: long day.

As we were packing the bike we realized that we shouldn’t have walked to Hyder the previous night but rode all the way to Salmon Glacier. The previous night was warm and beautiful with some high clouds. Over night it did what is unthinkable in Stewart: thunderstorms. Those passed by the time we were ready to roll, but replacing them was a steady and annoying rain. We went to Hyder and went halfway or so down the gravel road. It was annoying and the rain was wholly preventing any good pictures. We turned around, defeated. But at least we got to Alaska!

Rolling out of town, we passed the place where we could get a Hyderizing drink but it was too early in the morning.

Next time… 😄

The original plan was to go about half way but the weather reports were iffy. When we broke into a clear patch we just pushed forward to Prince George.

I have to say that after a week of nonexistent to barely there Internet access, having real bits delivered to my iPad is a nice. I know it’s not something that should be a necessity, but well, screw it, I want my internets.

Today: the Garmin is set for home. We’ll have a decision at Cache Creek to see if we push it for Seattle or hunker down for the night. (The thought is that as we get closer to home it becomes increasingly silly to get a hotel room)