Long story short, we’re home.  :-)  (well, got home last night anyway)

Why early?

Well, skipping Whitehorse cut out two days of trekking all over the Yukon. We were sitting at Liard Hotsprings and thought “why are we going to Whitehorse anyway?” Looking between us led to no real breakthroughs, so we just skipped it.

The other couple of days came from the trip back from Stewart. Stewart to Prince George was supposed to be two days. It started off wet and when we got a break in the weather we didn’t want to risk it and just pushed on. Similarly, Prince George back home was supposed to be two days, but we were making good time and when we got to the half-way point at around 2PM we were both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and decided that stopping four hours from home just seemed silly.

So, four days short from that.

I’ll be pulling pictures and video soon so those should start to trickle in soon too.  :-D

Tired… but rested.