My neighbor across the street had some electrical issues a month or two back. What happened was a line (I’m guessing a 480V line) got snagged somehow and shorted itself to one of the inputs to their house.

Well, the stuff that normally runs at 120V was none too pleased.

Some TVs, a printer, their oven, and a bunch of things stopped working.

They also had a treadmill that “was fried.” They hauled it into their garage (geez, I would like a garage!) and it sat there until today when they asked me to take a look at it.

My guess going in was that something like a resistor or a capacitor was fried, or perhaps one of the DC-DC converted control chips. I took things apart (which, by the way, is the hard part) and managed to get to the AC input board. I saw a fuse, so I slapped on the multimeter.


Ok, well, the first thing I touched was broken.

Radio Shack and back, I had another set of 500mA delay-blow fuses.

Reassemble. Hope that things are alive.


it works.

I was all getting ready to try to do some real debugging, diagnosis, and repair.

I swapped a fuse.


At least it’s all working. Now they have to start working out!  :-P